Thinking of Starting Your Own Business

Ok, so maybe not quite ready? But almost there. Not sure where to begin?

Step #1: It's All Mental

If you have arrived at the point where you are beginning to seriously consider starting your own business then give yourself a big applause.

The energy you have put in so far is good, however you will need much more to actually get you over the mental obstacles you have ahead. Now is a wonderful time to schedule some time to speak with me about your bright idea. Confidentiality is important! At this point keep your bright ideas under wraps.

Step #2: It's Still Mental (Yup!)

By now you have made a decision to dip your toe into the water.  Easy! Do not jump all the way in.  Yes, easy. 

If you're working do not quit your job, unless you just wanted to anyway.  Do not pull all your savings out and invest it all in your bright idea.  Yes, that is what I said. Now however is the time to speak with me, or someone like me, to get you through this. Get ready for the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Step #3: Make a Decision

It is all up to you. We can get you on the path to where you need to be and guide you in the right direction.  However, you will need to rely on Steps 1 and 2 throughout your process. Remember, businesses were not created in a day. If you are at this step then let's have a conversation.

Step #4: Let's Talk

This is a wonderful place to be! Excited, Hopeful. Amazed. Full of Energy. Bursting at the seams! Who would have thought that you would get to this place. It looks like this is really happening.  The mixed emotions. Talk about exhilaration! Yes, now is the time!  Let's have that  conversation. I am so excited for you.